The Vega printer’s carousel enables automatic selection of up to 6 different colors and types of cassettes. Intelligent software and LIS connectivity combine for a streamlined printing process.

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Workflow Efficiencies

  • Fa-Tech™ laser printers are designed to create crisp, accurate and indelible print quality for laboratories concerned about workflow bottlenecks caused by the need for reprinting cassettes with low-quality or unreadable printing at accessioning.

High Printing Quality

  • The Fa-Tech™ laser printers create sustainable and indelible printed information where patient data can be identified accurately throughout the lifetime of the cassette supporting laboratories and patients.
  • Character Types: Alphanumeric
  • Barcode Types: Linear, Bidimensional, ASCII Codes

High Throughput

  • Fa-Tech™ laser printers incorporate a highly efficient technology helping labs with higher printing demands utilize the laser printing capabilities and automated cassette feeder feature to achieve high throughput and faster turn-around times.

Low Operating Cost

  • Fa-Tech™ laser printers do not require replacement of ancillary components significantly decreasing operation costs and lowers any intensive maintenance helping lab managers from being burdened with high operation costs.

Features & Benefits

  • Fa-Tech™ NOVA laser Printer is a single cassette hopper printer providing an economical option for laboratories.
  • Fa-Tech™ VEGA™ laser printer has six cassette hoppers and supports laboratories printing a variety of cassette colors and styles.
  • Laser Technology eliminates ancillary components such as print heads & ribbons and simplifies operation.
  • High resolution printing, 600 dpi, improves printing sharpness and clarity of characters allowing more characters to be embedded on cassette surface.
  • Fully automated system with fast print speed, 5 seconds per cassette, allows the user to quickly and easily print cassettes needed for a case at accessioning or grossing.
  • Laser system with cassette additive print technology ensures permanent and delible marking that are extremely durable overtime.
  • Small footprint reduces the concern of space constraint in the lab.
  • Quiet printing reduces distraction during grossing and accessioning.

Brochure - VEGA

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Brochure - Laser Casettes

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Cassettes per hopper80
Total cassettes on board480
Throughput720 cassettes/hour
Barcode - ConfigurationsData Matrix, QR Code, Code 128, Code 39 and others
Max characters (2D barcode)Up to 100
Max characters printed50
Dimensions (D x W x H)62 x 26 x 52 cm