SlideMate™ Plus Adhesion Slides

Experience crisp, clean printing with SlideMate™ microscope slides from Epredia™. Designed for use on SlideMate™ thermal printers. SlideMate™ slides can help reduce identification issues common with handwritten labels. Available in adhesion and non-adhesion varieties.
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Epredia™ SlideMate™ slides are made from extra-white glass, manufactured to high quality standards. The clarity achieved during the manufacturing process helps ensure high levels of transparency to aid in accurate diagnoses.

SlideMate™ slides come pre-cleaned, flat with finely ground edges 90°. Each package comes wrapped to help protect against humidity and moisture. The packaging is also designed to assist with loading the slides into SlideMate™ printer hoppers to prevent contamination due to handling.

  • Manufactured in the USA
  • SlideMate™ slides are smooth, three-quarter inch white tab slides validated to work with the SlideMate™ AS slide printer
  • The tab is impervious to virtually all common laboratory chemicals and reagents
  • SlideMate™ Plus Adhesion Slides feature adhesion coating for routine clinical applications