It’s time to revolutionize the rapid freezing process

PrestoCHILL reduces freezing time to 60 seconds and eliminates freezing artifacts through ultrafast freezing, preventing the formation of ice crystals. Cut fatty tissues, like breast or lymph nodes, can be frozen without difficulty and without the distortion of their delicate honeycomb structures.

While using Milestone’s patented “face-down” embedding technique and PrestoCHILL, it is possible to obtain perfectly “flat plane” surfaces to reduce trimming time and cut more easily.

  • No freezing artifacts
  • 60 seconds freezing time
  • An all-dry system
  • Full downloadable documentation
  • No liquid nitrogen
  • No Co2 – No isopentane
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Why PrestoCHILL?

    Standardized freezing at -40°C for all tissue types, even for those which are most difficult to cut at the cryostat (such as breast and lymph nodes). Rapidly change out molds with a range of different sizes and designs.
  • FAST
    Only 40 minutes to go from room temperature to the operating temperature of -40°C. At the set temperature, 6 biospecimens can be frozen simultaneously in only 60 seconds. Reduce trimming time by using Milestone’s cryoembedding compound (MCC).
  • SAFE
    No liquid nitrogen, no CO2, no isopentane. No operation inside the cryostat chamber during the freezing step. HEPA cap filter.
    The technologically advanced Stirling cooler uses Helium gas as a refrigerant in a sealed stainless steel chamber. No standard compressor is used, therefore no CFCs (Chlorofluorocarbons).
    A USB port enables both software updates and event log downloads.
    Its small footprint is suitable for lab environments which have limited space.

Brochure - PrestoCHILL

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The game changer in cryoembedding for frozen sections of permanent-like quality

Brochure - The PRESTO System

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The science for rapid high-quality frozen sections

Brochure - This is a frozen section of the human breast

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Standardized and documented freezing and staining of fatty tissues in 13 minutes or less