The PANNORAMIC SCAN II is a medium-capacity digital slide scanner by 3DHISTECH. With its 150-slide capacity and brightfield and fluorescence scanning abilities, it serves the needs of medium-sized to larger research laboratories.

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Continuous loading
The PANNORAMIC SCAN II can automatically digitize up to 150 slides in one run. It loads and unloads the slides, detects the sample on the slide, reads the barcode and scans the slide in constant high quality.

A New Level of Fluorescence Scanning
9 physical filter cubes and 45 logical fluorescence channels are available. A new camera and the new objective elevate fluorescence scanning to a new level.

New monochrome PCO edge 4.2 bi camera provides even better fluorescence image quality, especially for immunohistochemistry (IHC) applications and opal stainings. The sensitivity of the chip is extended to the 720-750 nanometer range, which reduces exposition time and further improves image quality. Also, the new camera works directly through a USB 3.0 port, no additional graphics card is necessary.

New optional 10x objective reduces fluorescence scanning time and provides further improved image quality.

Exceptional image quality
The PANNORAMIC SCAN II supports the best objectives, achieving up to 43x or 86x magnification and 0.087 µm/pixel resolution within the same instrument, along with an advanced FISH scanning technique.

New slide sensor
The new slide sensor ensures that empty slots are automatically skipped during scanning, further accelerating the scanning process.

With its compact size and 150-slide capacity, PANNORAMIC Scan II is well suited to serve medium-sized research laboratories while helping save valuable laboratory space.

Slide Capacity150 slides
Scan Speed2m30s