Engineered for superior performance, the Ocus®40 blends high-resolution imaging with cost-effectiveness and operational simplicity. Its 40x magnification enhances digital pathology, facilitating detailed sample analysis with remarkable precision and clarity. This model stands out by making advanced diagnostics accessible, without sacrificing quality or user experience.

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Ocus®40: High Magnification With Utmost Precision

The Grundium Ocus®40 stands at the forefront of digital microscopy innovation, tailored for the discerning needs of medical professionals, researchers, and educators seeking exceptional detail and precision. With its standout feature of 40x magnification, the Ocus®40 offers an extraordinary level of detail in every scan, bringing the microscopic world into clearer focus than ever before.

Designed for both accessibility and high performance, the Ocus®40 combines quality, affordability, and user-friendliness. This level of magnification unlocks new possibilities in digital pathology, allowing for in-depth analysis and interpretation of samples with unparalleled clarity.


High Magnification with Unparalleled Precision

The Ocus®40 whole slide scanner introduces unparalleled excellence in digital pathology, setting the benchmark for image fidelity. With its 40x magnification and high resolution, this scanner is designed to capture the minutest details with extraordinary precision, making every scan a masterpiece of clarity and depth.

Its advanced optics are complemented by a remarkably fine 1 µm depth-of-field, continuous autofocus, and sophisticated Z-stacking technology, ensuring that each layer of the tissue sample is rendered with impeccable detail. This level of precision supports the most demanding diagnostic challenges, offering unparalleled insights into tissue morphology.

For professionals who seek the highest resolution and require comprehensive detail for accurate analysis, the Ocus®40 stands as a pivotal tool in the advancement of digital pathology, delivering exceptional quality scans that are essential for modern medical diagnostics.