The Ocus®20 combines 20x magnification with unparalleled ease of use and affordability, setting a new standard in digital microscopy. It delivers crisp, detailed images for thorough sample examination. Its standout feature is not just the magnification, but the perfect balance of image quality and scan speed, which makes it especially suitable for histopathology and intraoperative procedures.

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Ocus®20: Fast Scanning At High Depth Of Field

  • The Grundium Ocus®20 redefines the standards of digital microscopy, offering a revolutionary tool for pathologists, researchers, and educators. Engineered with precision and ease of use in mind, the Ocus®20 is the perfect blend of quality, affordability, and performance.
  • It stands as a testament to Grundium’s commitment to advancing digital pathology, making it accessible to a broader range of professionals. The Ocus®20 is not just a microscope slide scanner; it is a gateway to a new era of digital diagnostics, where clarity and detail are paramount.


Digital WSI Images With Crystal Clear Clarity

  • The Ocus®20 microscope slide scanner sets a new standard in digital pathology with its exceptional image quality. Leveraging advanced optics and a powerful 20x magnification, it captures incredibly sharp and detailed images, essential for accurate tissue analysis.
  • This precision is further enhanced by features like a long 5 µm depth-of-field, continuous autofocus, and Z-stacking capabilities, which ensure clarity and depth in each scan.
  • Whether dealing with challenging samples or requiring intricate detail for diagnosis, the Ocus®20 delivers consistently high-resolution images, making it an invaluable asset in the realm of modern pathology.



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Slide Capacity1
Scan Speed60 sec