HistoGel™ Specimen Processing Gel

Encapsulate and retain even small, friable and viscous specimens during histological processing with Epredia™ HistoGel™ Specimen Processing Gel.

Manufacturer Categories: , Type SKU: HG-4000-012

This gel encapsulates and retains specimens during histological processing, regardless of the specimens’ small, friable, or viscous nature. Chemical agents penetrate the specimen without allowing it to escape from the gel. The gel does not retain histological stains, eliminating unwanted discoloration around specimens on slides. It is virtually unnoticeable during sectioning and will not pop out of the paraffin block during cutting.

  • Penetrates specimen without allowing specimen to escape from gel
  • Outperforms other agarose gel mixtures or thromboplastin at a fraction of the cost
  • Eliminates unwanted discoloration around specimens on slides
  • Remains inside theparaffin block during cutting and virtually unnoticeable during sectioning