Simple, Automatic and Safe

Milestone’s DecalMATE enables histotechs to “tailor” their fixation/decalcification process to the specific characteristics of their bone tissue specimens.

For the first time, automatic protocols for fixation/decalcification of bone tissues are available for the modern laboratory. These protocols allow for improved diagnostic quality, consistency of results and faster turn-around time.

The unit consists of a resistance heated, temperature controlled process cavity, made of high chemical resistant techno polymers, with a built-in magnetic stirring device for temperature and concentration homogeneity.

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For faster decalcification times, fixation/decalcification with EDTA is best carried out at a pH value of 7.2-7.4. Milestone has developed an innovative, pure EDTA solution, based on a stoichiometric mixture of bibasic and tribasic EDTA to reach this pH value without the addition of an acid/base buffer.

The combination of increased temperature, stirring and MoL-DECALCIFIER during the decalcification phase allows fixation, decalcification and processing of bone marrows within 48 hours.


Why DecalMATE?

    It’s possible to use different decalcification reagents, racks and fixation/decalcification temperatures.
  • SAFE
    Closed fixation/decalcification cavity with safety switches (shield open, cavity open).
  • FAST
    24 hours turnaround time for bone marrow up to 30 standard cassettes can be fixed/decalcified simultaneously.
    The USB port enables you to update the software and download the event logs.

Brochure - Decalmate

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