Davidson Marking System© 5-Color Set of 2 oz. (59ml) dyes

This complete Davidson Marking System® includes 5 – 2 oz. (59ml) bottles of Davidson® tissue marking dye.

Set Includes:

  • 1 ea. of green, yellow, black, red and blue
  • 50 applicator sticks
  • Instructions
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The Davidson Marking System® is the original tissue marking system, first developed for the Mohs technique, currently suitable for a variety of laboratory applications requiring orientation of tissue specimens. These specifically formulated tissue dyes:

  • are suitable for both fresh and frozen tissue samples
  • can be used pre- or post- fixation
  • adhere to tissue throughout processing
  • are clearly visible under the microscope
  • can be easily distiguished from each other
  • are economical and space-efficient

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